EXCLUSIVE: Could This Certified Face Mask Help Prevent Deadly Virus Outbreaks?

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The severe Coronavirus is spreading across the globe at a rapid pace. With multiple governments declaring state of emergency, virtually anyone can be infected. The biggest issue is that medical researchers are still unsure how exactly it can spread.

However, what we do know is that the virus is extremely infective. Medical staff are required to wear all protective equipment available — even hazmat suits. One highly probable guess is that the virus spreads by air. Many believe that’s how the outbreak began.

That means raw, unfiltered air could potentially infect anyone with the virus. And because it's spreading so quickly, there’s no way for sure that scientists can tell which country is safe and which is not. Right now, no place seems to be out of reach for the Coronavirus.

The frightening numbers are rising every day, with thousands being infected. New cases are being confirmed in places you'd never expect to find them. The virus has already spread to over 90 countries, including the US, Australia, Canada, France, the UK, Germany, India, Russia, Sweden and many more. Is there even a single place on the Earth that's safe?

Thousands are by now infected in over 20+ countries. The Coronavirus is raging all over the world. There are many different ways to catch it, but only a few known ways to reduce the risk...

Protecting Yourself and Your Family Is Vital

Major health organizations advise great precaution, but there's still no 100% guaranteed method to protect yourself from it. The standard advice about maintaining hygiene and immune system still follows. A professional respiratory device such as Safe Mask Pro Ultra Plus also adds an extra layer of protection.

We know it is highly likely that the Coronavirus spreads through tiny particles in the air, much like the influenza virus. Therefore, everything you can do to add an extra layer of protection will be beneficial.

This is why any type of respiratory protection is rare in the stores these days. With the virus at it's beginning, people are rushing to stockpile any mask they can get their hands on. And as soon as they hit the shelves — they're immediately gone. There's a high chance that we will have to wait for weeks before they're available again. Yet the governments are doing nothing to help us battle the virus.

You Shouldn't Buy Just ANY Mask

Several dishonest companies have started selling anything they can get their hands on as medical masks. However, Safe Mask Pro Ultra Plus is certified as a real N95 mask.

And that's the best case scenario. Since masks are in such high demand, there's also a chance that you're being sold a below-standard product you will maybe receive 2 months down the line....

We can assure you that neither one of these things will happen with Safe Mask Pro Ultra Plus. And on top of that, Safe Mask Pro Ultra Plus has been certified as per the worlds leading N95 certification norms. It states that any mask passing such a test has proven to filter over 95% of particles in the air. There's not much more you can ask for when it comes to building trust.

Safe Mask Pro Ultra Plus Helps Your Prevention Efforts

We have to rely on ourselves to fight the virus off. The government, once again, won't come to help, that's for sure. 

That's why worried people are rushing to buy these respirators. They're a versatile tool that prevents many particles (at least 95% of tiny air particles) from entering your respiratory system. They're certainly helpful in maintaining your health.

Safe Mask Pro Ultra Plus's design is considerably more advanced than that of a regular, surgical mask. It's made specifically for protection against airborne particles.

  • Regular, surgical masks protect other people from the wearer, while the Safe Mask Pro Ultra Plus protects the wearer from his/her environment.
  • Surgical masks don't fit on the face tightly so they let germs and small airborne particles come in from the side. Safe Mask Pro Ultra Plus is made to sit tightly on your face covering dangerous gaps.
  • Tiny air particles can pass through surgical masks, unaffected. The Safe Mask Pro Ultra Plus is designed according to N95 standard, which means it blocks at least 95% of tiny particles from coming in.
  • Safe Mask Pro Ultra Plus prevents you from touching your mouth and your nose, lowering the chances that you get infected by transferring the virus from your hands (make sure to be extremely careful with removal, because improper removal could result in infection!)
  • We recommend that you wash your hands properly and regularly even while you use the mask. Any hygienic measure will increase your chance of avoiding an infection with any kind of viruses.

Stocks of Safe Mask Pro Ultra Plus are running out as people are rushing to buy them. Responsible citizens in United States have recognized the HUGE threat that the Coronavirus poses to public health and are acting now. Who knows how the virus could come in contact with someone who had never thought they would contract it? Every protective and hygienic measure, such as the Safe Mask Pro Ultra Plus, is a plus.

The way the things seem, no one is safe. But after all, it's on us to defend ourselves. Safe Mask Pro Ultra Plus is one of the tools out there which is made to help you stay far away from this virus.

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